Monday, July 7, 2014

This little report proves ...

Fantom Fortunes, Rape Seed, Echoes of Compassion, Caught Distri..Leg..Islam, Nudist, Daycare-kinder-mastu-A...


As you all can see, the last high priority email I sent (seen below) proves some great part of the Government of Canada is distributing child porn with Chan. Some part of the system. Not any other Canadian has proven this other than myself. I have proven the matter in such a simple way that even children would see... the evidence of Canada distributing child porn with Chan is breathtakingly visible and Paramount. SGC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sent Sun, Jul 06, 2014 06:10 PM - From: Shawn To:, stephen harper , greg clark ,, blake richards ,, diane ablonczy , stephane dion , thomas mulcair ,, julian fantino ,,, dominic leblanc , judy foote , scott andrews , mauril belanger , carolyn bennett , gerry byrne , Sean Casey , irwin cotler , rodger cuzner ,,, wayne easter , mark eyking ,,,,, hedy fry , ralph goodale , marc garneau , Ted Hsu , jim karygiannis , kevin lamoureux , lawrence macaulay ,,, lucie boileau ,,,, john mccallum , david mcguinty , john mckay , massimo pacetti , geoff regan ,,, francis scarpaleggia , judy sgro , scott simms , linda duncan , malcolm allen , olivia chow , libby davies , Jasbir Sandhu , charlie angus , alex atamanenko ,, Tyrone Benskin ,, dennis bevington , Denis Blanchette , Ryan Cleary , Francoise Boivin , Alexandre Boulerice , Guy Caron , Andrew Cash , Sylvain Chicoine ,, Robert Chisholm , Francois Choquette , joe comartin , paul dewar ,,, fin donnelly ,,, nathan cullen , Pierre DionneLabelle , Randall Garrison ,,, Pierre Jacob , Rejean Genest , fortsaskatchewan vegreville ,, yvon godin ,, Alain Giguere , claude gravelle ,, jack harris , Matthew Kellway , wayne marston ,, brian masse , Jamie Nicholls , Claude Patry , john rafferty ,,, Mathieu Ravignat , Jean Rousseau , craig scott , Director directeur ,,, Kennedy Stewart , peter stoffer , Mike Sullivan , glenn thibeault , Philip Toone , gail shea , laurie hawn , john duncan , peter goldring , shelly glover ,, david christopherson , Frank valeriote ,, Jinny Sims , rick dykstra , mike lake , kirsty duncan ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, andrew scheer ,,,,,,,, kim misik ,,,,,,,,, anne cools ,,,,,, nathalie desrosiers ,,,,,,,,, kim barnhardt ,,,,,,,,,, rosie waites , Cc: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- Original Message ----- Sent: Sun, 06 Jul 2014 17:05:05 -0600 (MDT) Subject: I must ask you all why .... ----------------------------------------- I must ask you all why Canada is distributing child porn with chan? I have been investigating Chan for many months and the following is the proof. - All the terms lead to the web addresses and all the addresses contain many pages of child porn. – The images are always the same, never removed, and from time to time a new image is added. All people ought to find the simple design of the web addresses surprising, shocking and damning. jb/ - Jailbait – 180chan - Non-Nude – 180chan - /b/ - Random – Nobanchan - Jailbait – 155chan - nn/ - Non nude – 144chan - 1 - Non nude chan 155 nn - chan 155 jb - consider the simple design of each address http:// 180chan .info/nntb/ http:// nobanchan .com/b/ http:// 180chan .info/jb/ http:// 180chan .info/nn/ Wallopin (Web)snappers http:// 180chan .info/nnr/ http:// 180chan .info/r/ http:// 144chan .org/jb/ It is impossible to believe some part of http:// 144chan .org/r/ Canada's system is not aware of the abc http:// 144chan .org/nn/ simple designs of the web addresses ... http:// 144chan .org/nntb/ http:// 155chan .info/jb/ http:// 155chan .info/r/ http:// 155chan .info/nn/ http:// 155chan .info/nn/1.html Now I ask again; why is Canada distributing child porn with Chan Shawn G. Cullen P.S. The Cullen Man Prosecution rests, no further questions your honour.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The other handfull of seniors said they are experiencing a mental institution monstrously and horrifyingly having them forget knowledge about them selves. They said Psychiatrists and staff do that in a number of ways. One senior asked me to record and tell others,